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About “Seyed Mohsen Saeidzadeh”

He is an independent clergy man, legal scholar, writer and researcher. He can teach religious courses (Shia Islam) such as Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Tafsir (interpretation of Quran exegesis), Rijal (science of narrators), Kalam (theology), Mantiq (Logic), Usul Al-Fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence) and Arabic literature at the highest level. He has lots of valuable articles and research on all these subjects. He has published 2 books about local history of Iran and he has several ready to be published. He has worked on mystical literature of Iran and written some novel descriptions and comments about works of Saadi, Hafiz, Ferdowsi and Rumi. He has many writings about Quran, philosophy of Fiqh and women’s rights and has published some of them in Iranian magazines and newspapers. Some of Iranian writers consider him as the leader of Iran’s feminists. He has cooperated with UNICEF and some of his writings were translated and published by this organization.

In 1995, he was invited by the University of Toronto, Status of Women Office to participate and make a speech in a conference. In the same year, he was also invited by Professor Richard Tapper to make a speech at London Middle East Institute. He received Hellman/Hammett’s award on 1999.

He was arrested on 1998 for an article he had written on Jame’eh Magazine and was released from prison after 5 months. He was banned from wearing his clerical cloths for 5 years and was sentenced to 3 years’ suspended imprisonment. From that time, his salary and financial benefits were cut from Hawza (Islamic school for higher learning) and he has been banned from publishing his writings. He lost his job as a legal advisor and he has not been allowed to work anywhere. Some of his writings are available on the Internet, his weblog and Facebook. He can write at his house, but he is not allowed to publish anything. He is not allowed to teach and he faces severe limitations on his speech. Wherever he should speak, he is not allowed to. Wherever he can speak, the audience are not his addressees.

He has always been independent and never was looking to gain money. He has lived a very simple life and devoted his entire time to produce valuable and novel writings in many fields. It is a great pity that he is not allowed to publish even a paragraph.


Below are a few paragraphs about him which are copied from different websites.


Independent legal scholar and member of the Islamic clergy Hojatoleslam Sayyid Mohsen Saidzadeh, who was convicted by the SCC in 1998 for his outspoken criticism of the treatment of women under the law, was released from prison in early in the year; however, the Government banned him from performing any clerical duties for 5 years. Human Rights groups outside Iran noted reports that Saidzadeh’s 1998 sentence also included a prohibition on publishing. He has ceased authoring a monthly column on legal issues, many focusing on the rights of women, since the time of his detention.


Mr. Saidzadeh was one of the key speakers at an international seminar on children’s rights held in Tehran on November 1987 and co-sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Association for the Defense of Children’s Rights. He has also spoken at the Iranian Women Studies Foundation annual conference in Toronto, Canada in 1995.

Although authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have not disclosed the charges against Mr. Saidzadeh, we believe that he has been arrested for his thoughts and should be considered as a prisoner of conscience. This is in continuation of new waves of organized attacks on the media and intellectual activities, which have been on increase in the last few months.

Saidzadeh was actively involved in a movement calling for equal rights for women. He is an independent intellectual and well-known Iranian theologist who was trying to find compatibilities between Islam and Human Rights especially in the fields of rights of women and children.




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